Rivers are our lifeblood. We rely on them for clean water, food, leisure, health and our well-being. They are a precious resource that is under serious threat from us, from the way we live and the everyday things we do – without thinking about what the consequences are for our drinking water, wildlife and the people we love.

Tackling the effects of climate change and the harmful actions of billions of people can seem daunting, and we know that governments and business have a major part to play in protecting our planet and our way of life … but so do each and every one of us.

It’s time to Act for Eden

clean, healthy rivers
for everyone


It's up to all of us to do our bit to combat the climate and nature crisis. If we all then tiny, seemingly insignificant actions when done by thousands of people all add up to a massive change for our rivers!

What are the three biggest things we can all do that will help rivers?

Simply, use water wisely and don't waste a drop of the precious stuff, reduce pollution by stopping chemicals and plastic waste from being flushed, poured or blown into watercourses, and protect nature by stopping alien invasive species in their tracks and ensuring future abundance of native species.

How can I Act for Eden?

Click on the links below to find out more about why we need to take action to use water wisely, reduce pollution and protect nature now! You can make a promise to Act for Eden (why not challenge family and friends to make one too). We've also produced some thought-provoking and fun activities for families and schools to explore the crisis facing our rivers.

Use water wisely

Take shorter showers

Reduce pollution

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Protect nature

Eat sustainable seafood

Make a promise

Make a promise

Download resources

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Who are Eden Rivers Trust?

We are an environmental charity based in the beautiful Eden Valley in Cumbria, England. We’re passionate about having healthy, natural rivers that are better places for people and wildlife.  Find out more about how we’re rethinking rivers for good on our website.