We’ve created some resources that help explain why we should use water wisely
and reduce pollution to protect wildlife.


Designed for schools, they’re fun for families too!


River Champions Act for Eden

Presented by and featuring the children of Lowther School, River Champions Act for Eden is a short film (with accompanying comprehension activity sheet) that explores the journey that water takes from source to tap and back again and calls for everyone to take on at least one of seven river challenges.

The film includes footage of the children reporting from Haweswater reservoir and a local Wastewater (sewage) Treatment Works, where they show us the scale of the problem of ‘unflushables’ – a skip-full that had been sieved out of sewage water.

Act for Eden's Rivers... FOR LIFE!

Bring your rivers topic to life in the classroom with our suite of downloadable resources. They are designed to be used in conjunction with the River Champions Act for Eden’s Rivers film (above).

There are teachers’ notes to accompany the resources.

To help your planning, we've put them in a suggested order of use (numbered 1-5), based on our experience of delivering this session in primary schools around the Eden catchment.

You can find lots more free learning resources and activities on the Eden Rivers Trust website.

1. To flush ... or not to flushPicture of the cover of the sewage in our rivers worksheet

A fun science investigation in which children will compare a number of regularly flushed items with toilet paper, to find out which things are safe to flush and which are not.

N.B. For maximum impact, this experiment should be carried out BEFORE watching River Champions Act for Eden! film or the children will know the answer.


2. River Champions

River Champions worksheet cover

Watch the film then complete the missing words and sewer monster worksheets!

3. Picture this

Picture this worksheet cover

A maths activity that helps children learn how many litres of water are typically used during the most common daily / household activities.

4. Water bingo

Water bingo worksheet cover

A homework activity sheet. Children challenge themselves and their families to see how many ways they can save water and reduce pollution at home.

5. Sewage in our rivers

Picture of the cover of the sewage in our rivers worksheet

Online resources, including an interactive map. Learn more about why raw (untreated) sewage is sometimes discharged into our rivers and discover exactly where and how often this happened in Eden’s rivers in recent years.

Family challenge!

  1. Family film time! Watch River Champions Act for Eden’s Rivers, our short, fun film featuring local children explaining our direct connection with rivers and river wildlife – every time we use water and every time we flush dirty water down the drain!
  2. Have a go at some of the fun activities that accompany the film.
  3. Challenge everyone to accept one (or more) of the film’s River Challenges!

More resources

Save our crayfish!

Play this fun game - a twist on the ever-popular 'snakes and ladders.'

Create a scrap-motion movie

scrap motion movie cover

Our friends at Ragtag Arts have joined forces with us to help you spread the word about how wonderful rivers are … and what will happen if people don’t show them the love and care they need.

Click on the button for step-by-step videos and templates to help you and your children create your very own movie.

Who are Eden Rivers Trust?

We are an environmental charity based in the beautiful Eden Valley in Cumbria, England. We’re passionate about having healthy, natural rivers that are better places for people and wildlife.  Find out more about how we’re rethinking rivers for good on our website.