How to Act for Eden

What is Act For Eden?

It’s a campaign that everyone can get involved in to make a small difference to your everyday life that will add up to a big impact for Eden’s rivers.

The Act for Eden campaign runs from 18 January 2021 until 30 June 2023.

The campaign is being run by Eden Rivers Trust, Registered Charity, Number 1123588


How do I take part?

To take part in the campaign, simply sign up to make a promise to Act for Eden.

To sign up you will provide your email address and name and, for some promises you’ll also need to enter a number.

By entering a number you will be challenging yourself to stop or reduce the number of times or you use certain products to help clean up Eden’s rivers.


What happens once I make a promise?

Over the next two months you will do your best to keep your promise.

Why two months? Well, it’s long enough to make a change that will last a lifetime, but not too long that it can feel like a real chore. Your actions will also make a decent impact in that time.

After two months, we will email you to see how you have got on with keeping your promise, and send you a link to the Act for Eden website so that you can tick to say “yes, I kept my promise” or “no, not this time.”

If you answer “yes”, the number that you pledged when you made your promise will be added to the overall figures on the individual promise page – hurrah!

We’ll also ask you to share any tips/life hacks that worked for you so that we can share them on our website to inspire others. Your first name will be featured as well. This is voluntary.


What do Eden Rivers Trust do to Act for Eden?

It’s in our DNA. Every day we’re working with farmers, landowners, other organisations, local communities and volunteers to inspire and support them to find ways to improve,  protect and connect with the River Eden, its tributaries and lakes. We provide practical support as well. We do this to ensure that there is clean water for all and that the river and surrounding areas are better places for people and wildlife.

Our website is the place to go to read more about some of our projects and find out how the improvements we make in our small, but very beautiful corner of Cumbria are part of something much bigger – helping to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.