Flushed with success

Flushed with success


It’s fair to say that we take fresh, clean water for granted here in the UK, after all, it’s available on tap…literally! We don’t always appreciate that fresh water is a precious, scarce resource that we should cherish.

A combination of climate change, an increasing population, plus a massively increased demand for fresh water for domestic, industrial and agricultural use means that our supplies are dwindling fast.

Did you know that the average person in the UK uses around 142 litres of water per day, compared with 85 litres back in the 1960s? That’s a huge increase, putting a strain on our supplies.

If you look at the population of our catchment (161,268 in 2018 according to the Office of National Statistics) then this means that we use 8,360 BILLION litres of water per year – taken from Eden’s reservoirs, river systems and underground aquifers. Don’t forget that Haweswater also supplies drinking water to the good people of Greater Manchester as well!

It only takes a couple of dry spells (and we bet that some recent ones spring to mind) for there to be water shortages and newspaper headlines about hosepipe bans.

When reservoirs run low, water companies apply for licences to take water (abstract) from Eden’s rivers and lakes, reducing water levels. If river levels are already low, this can destroy habitat and put wildlife in peril.

We all must use water wisely to ensure that people and wildlife can continue to survive and thrive.


Flushing the toilet is the 2nd biggest use of water in the home.

…and this water is the same high-quality stuff that comes out of our taps.

Just think about how much water and money you could save if you always use the short flush or install a water-saving device? (It’s up to £13 per year off your metered water bill – United Utilities estimate)

You too can be flushed with success.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

You can do it

Here's how


Short flush v long flush?

If you’ve got a dual flush toilet, then using the short flush button should be used, as it will typically use 4-6 litres of water opposed to the older toilets which use a massive 13 litres per flush.

Got an old loo?

Get a FREE water-saving flush bag to put in your cistern and save 1.2 litres of water every flush!

Visit the United Utilities website to order yours today.

Sprung a leak?

A leak isn't always easy to spot as the water often dribbles invisibly down the back of the pan — but according to United Utilities, you could be wasting up to 400 litres of water a day.

Get FREE LeakyLoo detection strips to see if the overflow in your cistern has a leak.

Act for Eden - make a stop-motion blockbuster film!

We’ve joined forces with our friends at Ragtag Arts for a fun activity that can be done at home.

We’re calling on kids everywhere to Act for Eden and make a stop-motion film about the river, the wildlife that lives there … and the perils they face from humans!

Step-by-step videos and templates can be found at Act for Eden – make a scrap-motion movie 


Join the growing number of people who are making a promise to Act for Eden and make yours today to flush with success!

Flushed with success

I promise to be

Flushed with success

and save water every time I flush the loo!

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U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

The action that you’re taking as part of Act for Eden will not just make a difference in your local river and community, it will help transform the world!

This promise has been carefully chosen to meet one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These are a set of 17 goals set out by the United Nations to  focus efforts around the world in order to “achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.” (UN SDG website)Although major actions are needed by governments, cities and local authorities, it starts with each and every one of us. By keeping your promise to Act for Eden, you are already living and working more sustainably - which is great news for our planet.

You‘ll also be part of a growing community of like-minded people who together, are leading by example and generating a force for change, able to push those in authority to make the transformations required.

All this just by saving water when you flush your toilet - awesome isn't it!


Who are Eden Rivers Trust?

We are an environmental charity based in the beautiful Eden Valley in Cumbria, England. We’re passionate about having healthy, natural rivers that are better places for people and wildlife.  Find out more about how we’re rethinking rivers for good on our website.